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Manal Shakir has worked for the news media in Pakistan and the Middle East. A Brit, raised in a magical desert called Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and educated in the States, Manal considers herself a nomad who loves all things unique and absurd. She takes inspiration from her favorite authors; Amin Maalouf, Naguib Mahfouz, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, among many, many more. She now lives in Chicago, IL with her husband and son. Magic Within is her first novel.


Jacket CoverAdnan cannot sleep. His nights are haunted by unsettling dreams of a mysterious circus and of Shara, a beautiful young woman placed in jeopardizing circumstances within his dreams. The more he sees of her, the more he looks forward to the next dream, which becomes a refuge from a loveless marriage.

In time, Shara shares the dreams and the pair almost meets in real life, missing each other by a few tantalizing seconds.

What is the hidden meaning of their dream lives and who are the magical creatures driven by the mysterious and cruel circus master? What unknown force pushes them toward new lives and the possibility of meeting in the real world?

A story of troubled relationships and blurred realities, this is an enchanting narrative about mending fractures found in modern life and of discovering the magic hidden within all of us.